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Lean Bronze Certification Review Program

Friday, February 24 – Saturday, February 25, 2017

Member price: $679
List price: $879

Instructor: Hank Czarnecki

This focused, instructor-led review session, prepares candidates for the Lean Certification Bronze-level exam. A combination of concept presentations, practice exams, worksheets development and discussion, and group question review is highlighted. Topics covered in the exam are reviewed by authorized lean facilitators to help prepare you to take the Bronze-level Lean Certification exam. Targeted at companies on lean journeys, and to lean champions and practitioners charged with facilitating those lean transformations, this event is geared for those who are preparing for Lean Bronze certification.

The exam is offered separate from the course.

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Lean Enterprise

Friday, February 24 – Saturday, February 25, 2017

Member price: $1,299
List price: $1,399

Instructor: Rama Shankar

Help your company remain competitive, innovative, and profitable in today’s business environment, where global competition and demands for price reductions heavily impact management decisions. Implement lean to enhance cost and cycle-time reduction, improve customer satisfaction, and standardize high quality. Learn the lean methods you can use to minimize all forms of waste and maximize value for your customers.

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Lean for Service

Saturday, February 25 – Sunday, February 26, 2017

Member: $999
Non-Member: $1,099

Instructor: Liz Keim

Lean thinking is a philosophy and a powerful set of tools designed to eliminate waste from processes. It focuses on what adds value in processes from a customer’s perspective. If you are looking for a foundation for TQM or an approach that builds on TQM and past improvement techniques, lean thinking can introduce fresh and innovative ways to improve processes. Want to reduce waste and streamline operations, with fast and dramatic results? This course provides you with the tools needed to survive the demand for higher quality, faster production time, and lower prices. You’ll understand how to specifically apply lean thinking to the special challenges of the service industry.

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Lean Leadership Skills Workshop

Wednesday, March 1 ─ Thursday, March 2, 2017

Member price: $1,099
List price: $1,299

InstructorsJames Rollo and Dan Prock

The Lean Leadership Skills workshop builds skills in eight competencies of outstanding leaders in lean organizations. This practical training program provides tools and skills for team leaders, supervisors, value stream managers, and facilitators to implement and sustain a lean culture. The workshop utilizes the Lean Leadership Inventory to assess the eight lean leadership competencies that participants will acquire in the course. Skills are developed through practice and application.

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Lean Kaizen:  A Simplified Approach to Process Improvement

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Member Price: $799
List Price: $899

InstructorRama Shankar

Are you looking for the best way to improve your cycle time, minimize customer response time, and reduce unnecessary waste? Do you want to maximize your operational efficiencies to save money and precious resources? Then it’s time to introduce Lean Kaizen to your organization. Lean is a renowned methodology that eliminates all categories of waste to help maximize efficiencies. Kaizen means continuous improvement. Together, Lean Kaizen is a proven approach to continuously implement much-needed change and get rid of unnecessary waste. Apply the proven Lean Kaizen strategy within the scope of a larger lean enterprise journey. Learn how the role of change management is important throughout the lean transformation. Learn the steps to perform a Kaizen event through a blend of lecture, discussion, class exercises, and report-back sessions.

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Business Process Management Orientation Workshop - SOLD OUT

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Price: $329

Instructor: Mike Nichols

Anyone engaged as a process owner or process improvement team leader, in any market or industry, should attend this workshop. This business process management (BPM) orientation provides an insightful and high-level overview that prepares you to lead your team through achieving business process excellence through an improved understanding of customer requirements, process requirements, and measures of success and failures. This effort leads to improved results in process performance and better engagement for process improvement activities. Each major component includes an exercise. At the end of this one-day workshop, you’ll have a comprehensive deployment plan that will optimize business improvement initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma and many others.

Lean and Six Sigma Conference
February 27 - 28, 2017
Phoenix, AZ  |  Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort
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