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Theme and Focus Areas

Conference Theme:
Leading the Culture of Excellence Through Lean and Six Sigma

The term “excellence” can mean different things to different organizations, but at its essence, all can agree that it is realized through the achievement of results and the ability to sustain those results. Those who are able to sustain this level of success share one very important thing in common: a focus on and attention to culture. They each strive for a culture in which excellence is an everyday practice and quality is more than just a role, department, initiative, or project.

Developing a desired culture in which continuous improvement is part of the fabric of the organization is something that many organizations desire and strive for. It is also something that lean and Six Sigma’s tools, techniques, and methodologies can help achieve. Leadership, communication, and engagement are the aspects of an organization that extend the science of lean and Six Sigma beyond a methodology to a shared endeavor in which results are achieved, organizations grow, and excellence is sustained.

Focus Areas:

  • Lean and Six Sigma Fundamentals
    There are basic and foundational tools and techniques that represent the core of lean and Six Sigma methodologies. This area of focus explores these foundational aspects through topics such as:
    • Teaching Tools With Exercises
    • Practical Application
    • Technical/Statistical Tools
    • Case Studies and Real-World Application

  • Lessons Learned: Implementation of Lean and Six Sigma
    In this focus area, we are looking for real-life examples from quality practitioners who have applied lean and Six Sigma tools, methodologies, and techniques. Specific areas of focus could include (but are not limited to) topics such as:
    • Case studies and real-world solutions that focus on challenges that where faced, mistakes that were made, and how each was handled and overcome
    • Getting buy-in (selling lean and Six Sigma to the uninitiated)
    • Matching the right tool to the right problem

  • Doing more with Less
    We all face it, but how do we address it? Organizations that succeed don’t do so by fully avoiding this challenge. Instead, they do so by outperforming the competition in areas such as:
    • Innovation
    • Prioritization
    • Process improvement
    • Effective measurement and meaningful metrics

  • Tips and Tricks: Sustaining Results
    This area focuses on implementation, getting results from that implementation, and exploring ways to ensure that the achieved results are sustained. This area also focuses on topics that may include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Change management
    • People and processes: the human side of quality
    • Leadership development at all levels of the organization
    • Sustaining LSS leadership in the organization

  • Masters Series
    This focus area explores lean and Six Sigma from the perspective of the seasoned professional and offers advanced context covering the more complex and intricate areas of lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Areas of focus may include topics such as:
    • Current trends and the future of lean and Six Sigma
    •  Emerging practices



Lean and Six Sigma Conference
February 27 - 28, 2017
Phoenix, AZ  |  Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort
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