Review and Selection Process - 2017 Lean and Six Sigma Conference - ASQ

Review and Selection Process

  • ASQ headquarters receives session proposal via the ASQ website and acknowledges receipt.
  • Several independent subject matter experts conduct a blind review of all submissions and rank them on a numerical scale.
  • Committee reviewers use the following criteria:
    • How well does the proposal relate to the overall conference theme and at least one of the identified focus areas?
      • The proposal should offer a unique perspective or application that adds value for an attendee.
      • The explanation you provide in the submission application is the basis for this review.
    • Will your proposal attract a diverse and global audience?
      • Identify the best industry match for your proposal.
      • Identify the audience level of expertise that best matches the content of your proposal (basic, moderate, advanced).
    • Does your proposal address the following areas completely and thoroughly?
      • Three to five learning outcomes are clearly identified.
      • The proposal demonstrates results and application of the content planned to be presented.
      • The content should be original material, timely, and up to date.
      • The indicated experience level of the suggested audience matches the depth and/or complexity of the content being delivered (please see submission form for audience levels).
      • The proposal demonstrates creativity or innovation in its approach or application.
      • Proposal title and description matches the content of the presentation.
      • Technical content should be appropriate, relevant, and applied correctly.
      • The proposal is aligned to the theme and focus area(s) of the conference.
    • Are the speaker credentials complete?
      • The speaker provides previous speaking experiences and/or previous teaching experiences.
      • Demonstrate a minimum of three years’ working experience in the identified subject/technical area of expertise.

      The committee will also review session balance with the overall conference.

      The committee may review evaluation feedback on the presenter from past Lean and Six Sigma Conferences or other ASQ conferences, and may use the references to confirm the presenter’s ability to deliver the presentation in a professional manner.







Lean and Six Sigma Conference
February 27 - 28, 2017
Phoenix, AZ  |  Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort
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