Keynote Speakers

Alexander Eksir

Alexander Eksir oversees the development and integration of the Q&MS strategy across his company. This includes overall quality management system responsibility, fostering a quality-focused culture, and driving continuous improvement throughout the product lifecycle to enable flawless program execution and total customer satisfaction. He also serves as a spokesman for the cause of mission assurance at government and industry conferences, as well as on college and university campuses worldwide.

Eksir has more than 25 years of experience in the aerospace, commercial electronics, and biomedical industries. Before his current position, he was the vice president for mission assurance for Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business and the IDS lead for Raytheon Six Sigma and quality.

He holds a Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Master Black Belt from the Juran Institute. In April 2004, the Juran Institute honored him with the title of Executive Master Black Belt for his continuous Six Sigma contributions, which have attained significant business results.

Eksir earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Florence, Italy, and his master’s degree in business administration from National University. Under Raytheon sponsorship, in 2009 Eksir completed his executive doctor of management degree at Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Business. A world traveler who speaks four languages, Eksir advocates cultural diversity and inclusive thinking. He has conducted business in more than 46 countries.

D. Lynn KelleyD. Lynn Kelley
Vice President, Operational Excellence
Textron Inc.

Lynn Kelley is vice president of operational excellence for Textron Inc. In this role, she oversees the engineering, integrated supply chain, procurement, and corporate Six Sigma/quality councils. Kelley was previously vice president of Textron Six Sigma. She is a member of Textron's executive leadership team, a corporate officer, and a Textron Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Kelley began her Textron career at Textron Fastening Systems in 1999, where she held various positions, including vice president of continuous improvement. She then worked for Textron Fluid and Power, where she was based in South Africa, and was responsible for continuous improvement activities at facilities located in Australia, Switzerland, France, and South Africa.

Prior to joining Textron, she was professor, department chair, and director of the master's degree in quality and operations management at Madonna University, School of Business, in Livonia, MI. She also served as executive vice president and chief operating officer for Doctors Hospital in Detroit, MI.

Kelley holds a Ph.D. from Wayne State University, an MBA from Michigan State University, and a BBA from University of Detroit-Mercy. She has published books in the fields of statistics and operational excellence.

Adil  DalalAdil Dalal
Pinnacle Process Solutions International

Adil Dalal is the CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions International, and an internationally recognized expert and a thought leader in flow/lean manufacturing and project leadership and a prominent keynote speaker at several professional conferences.

As a lean sensei andproject leader, Dalal has led billion dollar acquisition projects and coached several executives and teams in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia implementing successful strategies.

Dalal is the author of the upcoming books 12 Pillars of Project Excellence™ and Lean Project Leadership™. He holds a master’s degree in engineering management and mechanical engineering and a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering. He is a Project Management Institute Certified PMP, an ASQ CQE, and a Certified Executive Coach from the International Coach Federation. In 2010, Dalal earned his Bronze Level Lean Certification (SME/AME/Shingo Prize/ASQ Partnership). He also serves as the chair of the ASQ Human Development & Leadership Division, vice chair of education for the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division, and is a board member of the Lean Certification (SME/AME/Shingo Prize/ASQ Partnership) Committee.

Richard SheridanRichard Sheridan
Menlo Innovations

After only two years in business, University of Michigan alumnus Richard Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations, became the Forbes "Hire Yourself" cover story for all those choosing entrepreneurship over unemployment. The next year, there was a Wall Street Journal article on the unique office Menlo uses for software design and development. Within six years, Menlo became one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing privately held firms in the United States. What makes this story truly remarkable is that it occurred against the backdrop of an IT industry that everyone assumed was leaving the United States for offshore locations. Sheridan's team at Menlo breaks all the rules and, in doing so, produces phenomenal results for its customers. No walls, offices, doors, or cubes—one big open room, a la Edison's original invention factory in Menlo Park, NJ. In this noisy, fun atmosphere, Menlo has produced software for all walks of industry, including healthcare, scientific equipment, high-fashion ecommerce, and diesel motor vehicle diagnostics.