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Keynote Speakers

Ryan Suydam

Ryan Suydam, director of operations at Client Feedback Tool, works with project management organizations to develop client feedback programs. Having built both tools and techniques specific to project delivery processes, Suydam helps professionals collect, manage, and respond to feedback. He has spoken at both national and regional events with organizations focused on improving project delivery. Suydam also delivers day-long workshops to organizations developing client feedback/voice of the customer/client experience programs.


John Goodman

John Goodman is vice chairman of CCMC. He has managed more than 1,000 separate customer service studies, including the White House-sponsored evaluation of complaint-handling practices in government and business; studies of word-of-mouth and the bottom-line impact of consumer education sponsored by Coca-Cola USA; and a dozen benchmarking studies of customer service, complaint handling, voice of the customer processes, and the use of technology for service.


Joseph DeFeo

Joseph DeFeo, chairman and CEO of Juran Institute, Inc., is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on transformational change systems and breakthrough management principles. For nearly 25 years, DeFeo has worked as a Juran executive coach helping business leaders increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction through the deployment of process improvement programs, including lean and Six Sigma, strategic planning, and cultural transformation.


Joseph DeFeo

Bob Stocking is Vervago’s master instructor, focused on delivering its flagship workshop, Precision Q+A™. Bob has taught thousands of participants around the globe, helping employees of hundreds of clients develop their analytical thinking and communication skills. Stocking also oversees certification of Vervago’s affiliated instructors worldwide, engaging its accomplished network of certified instructors in continuous learning.

Stocking has traveled, taught, and certified instructors from more than 30 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He has a BA in american studies and an MA in education from Stanford University. He served as a teacher, an instructional technology specialist, and a director of instructional technology and media for a school district in North Carolina. In 1997 he won the Christa McAuliffe Fellowship for teaching excellence in the state of North Carolina. Teaching Precision Q+A and coaching Vervago’s participants and instructors continues to fuel Stocking’s passion for helping people to communicate more effectively and to think more deeply about their work. When he isn’t in the classroom, he writes and develops new curriculum related to Vervago’s vision of sharpening the skills of knowledge workers worldwide.


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