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Theme and Focus Areas

Theme: Evolving the Educational Experience

The education process begins early in life and continues through all phases of our lives as we set out to learn and experience new and exciting ventures. The foundation of this year’s conference centers on the continually evolving needs for education in all areas and on the need for promoting continuous improvement and innovative ideas to enhance the educational experience. The 2016 conference covers a large range of ideas and is geared to provide attendees with new concepts that can be implemented to boost improvement in education and education processes.

Focus Areas:

The Role of Technology in Education

  • Distance Learning
  • Games and Simulation
  • Partnerships with Science Centers and Museums

STEM Focus Areas

  • Enhancing the STEM Agenda
  • Preparing Pre-school & K-12 for STEM
  • The Leadership Role of Corporations and Hospitals

Quality Management Systems to Improve Processes

  • ISO 9001
  • Baldrige Award Criteria

Enhancing the Education Experience through Innovation

  • Blended Classroom
  • Community Collaboration
  • Classroom Response Systems (Clickers)
  • Improving Healthcare Outcomes by Applying New Educational Methods

Education and Engaging for Lifelong Learning

  • Engaging Non-traditional students
  • Enhancing Class Participation
  • The university Experience as a Whole

2016 Quality Education Conference & Workshop QECW
Evolving the Educational Experience  November 11 – 13, 2016  ‒ Houston, TX