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The 2015 ASQ Quality Education Conference & Workshop (QECW), formerly the ASQ National Quality Education Conference (NQEC), was held at the Westin Houston, Memorial City, in Houston, Texas, November 14-16, 2015. Initial comments received from attendees indicated that the conference was one of the best planned with higher quality topics, speakers and presenters than at past education conferences. The efforts to transition this education event from a national conference to a global conference was highly successful with presenters and attendees from all over the United States, Germany, Ecuador, and China.

The QECW focuses on taking the concepts of quality and ideas that originated in the manufacturing sector and applying them to educational institutions and school districts in order to enhance the performance and learning of students and providing methods that can help to meet the challenges in education.


Proving to be an outstanding conference venue, the 2016 QECW will be held again at the Westin Houston, Memorial City, in Houston, Texas. This upscale location was ideal for conference attendees to soak up Texas flair. Centered in the heart of Memorial City, in West Houston, the Westin sits next to the Memorial City Mall, a mega of shops, dining and entertainment.


The 2016 QECW will be held on November 12 -13 (all day Saturday and half day Sunday) with pre-conference workshops on Friday afternoon, November 11.

Theme: Evolving the Educational Experience

The foundation of the conference centers on the need for promoting continuous improvement and innovative ideas to enhance the educational experience. This year's conference covers a large range of ideas and is geared to provide attendees with new concepts that can be implemented to boost improvement in education.

Focus areas:

  • The Role of Technology in Education
  • STEM Focus Areas
  • Quality Management Systems to Improve Processes
  • Enhancing the Education Experience through Innovation
  • Education and Engaging for Lifelong Learning

In addition to keeping you informed of ASQ's future plans, the Education Division is asking for volunteers, who will be willing to continue formulating ideas for the conference, provide suggestions for speakers, assist with evaluating papers for various tracks, present papers (please watch for the call for papers), etc.

If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise toward the success of the 2016 ASQ Quality Education Conference & Workshop, please contact Belinda Chavez and Norma Simons with your areas of interest and ideas. Thank you for your continued support!

Belinda Chavez
ASQ Education Division Chair and 2015 Education Conference Co-Chair
Norma Simons
ASQ Education Division Chair-Elect and 2015 ASQ Education Conference Co-Chair.


2016 Quality Education Conference & Workshop QECW
Evolving the Educational Experience  November 11 – 13, 2016  ‒ Houston, TX