Update regarding the Annual Conference on Quality in the Space and Defense Industries

The CQSDI Conference Committee and ASQ Aviation, Space and Defense (ASD) Division board of directors have made the decision to postpone our Annual Conference on Quality in the Space and Defense Industries (CQSDI) for 2014. This decision was made after discussions with many of our valued and long-supporting government and industry sponsors of the conference. In short, the recent challenges that our government leaders and — as citizens — we are all facing with the budget constraints and impact of sequestration, will prohibit or greatly reduce the participation by most government employees and industry next year. The success of the many past CQSDI conferences is due in large part to the collaboration between the government and industry, and the excellent presentations, thought-rovoking panels and sessions that have allowed our participants to have open dialogue on these critical topics and the challenges we face in our profession as well as the aerospace and defense industries. In that spirit, the planned theme for 2014 was: “Industry/Government Collaboration in Quality … More Than Just a Good Idea.”

We are looking at options for hosting a CQSDI in collaboration with other forums and conferences later next year and will keep ASD members updated. I am sure we will overcome our budget challenges with a plan for our nation and industry that will allow us to continue to host meaningful and value-added conferences, addressing the challenges and opportunities to achieve quality in all we do for our many customers and especially for our war fighters.

Mike Swenson,
CQSDI Conference Chair
ASD Chair-Elect