Keynote Speakers

Sipho Tjabadi – Thursday Morning (October 11, 2012)

Implementing Quality in your organization? Either partner with Leadership or don’t even think of starting

Mr. Tjabadi, Quality General Manager for Eskom, South Africa’s State Owned Electricity Enterprise, has 20 years of professional experience including market research, sales and management, and leads the Quality Management Group, responsible for the Quality Management strategy, QMS development, Business Improvement, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Improvement, Quality Planning, Quality Policy development, Quality measurement, Internal Quality Audit program, and Quality IT system.

Implementing Quality in your organization? Either partner with Leadership or don’t even think of starting.

Ever wondered why many an organization is proud to hang a Quality certificate on its wall whilst nothing much that they do and the experience of their customers doesn’t attest to the organization Quality status?

Whilst the reasons could be many and varied, one conclusion that can be drawn is that the organization was probably interested primarily in securing the “paper” itself.  This would mean that its heart, mind and spirit were never behind the exercise of introducing Quality as a way of life or work into the organization.

Unfortunately the blame can only be placed at one door – the door of Leadership. Unfortunately too, I would suggest that the Quality practitioner cannot be blameless. To all you committed, loyal, forward thinking, and competent Quality professionals – the message is as follows:

“If you plan to or have been assigned to introduce or run a Quality program into your organization and you don’t have Leadership as your partner, then don’t even bother.”

“Well how do I get Leadership behind me, or know that they are behind me?”  You ask.

I am looking forward to exploring this topic with you.


Dr. Marta Wilson – Thursday Afternoon (October 11, 2012)

Today, globalization drives many of us to lead, work and collaborate in ways that are leaner, faster, better and smarter.   How do we do that?  Dr. Marta Wilson, CEO of Transformation Systems, Inc. and author of the books Leaders in Motion and Everybody’s Business will share insights on the moves you can make to propel forward in the face of demanding realities.  Discover what it means to take personal responsibility for bold business goals, demonstrate unwavering resolve to produce the best organizational outcomes and create superb customer results as a catalyst for transformation.  In this session, Dr. Wilson will share how you can take risks to be more powerful and advance to your next level of leadership effectiveness as you engage your total enterprise to boost quality, productivity and profitability.


Peter Shearstone – Friday Morning (October 12, 2012)

Re-engineering a Quality System for Profitability, Compliance and Global Success

Peter Shearstone, Division Vice President, Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs/Medical Affairs, Abbott Diagnostics

Quality Management systems are critical for the success of any business.  Establishing a sound structure, resources and process ensures that the business is set for the long haul.  This presentation will share the key steps to take to reengineer a quality management system and to share what the result of this work might be via metric improvements.  

Key takeaways for the audience will be:

  1. Novel approaches to reengineering the quality system
  2. The importance quality and business culture play in sustainability
  3. Simplification and harmonization of global quality systems
  4. Focusing on reducing errors through procedure structure
  5. Movement of the learning environment from “read and forget” to true competency
  6. Quality metric improvement and business profitability

At the conclusion of the talk the audience shall have a comprehensive understanding of how quality system effectiveness is inextricably linked to business success.


Timothy H. McKay, P.E.  – Friday Afternoon (October 12, 2012)

How to Build Quality in Transportation

Timothy McKay, Executive Vice President, Growth and Regional Development Dallas Area Rapid Transit graduated with a BSCE from Michigan Technological University began serving DART as a consultant in 1987.  Mr. McKay directs the Growth and Regional Development Group which includes Commuter Rail, Capital Planning, Service Planning, Transit Oriented Development, Innovative Services, Construction Safety Program, Capital Quality Program, Rail Program Development, Environmental, System Integration and Safety Certification, and LRT Vehicle Design and Assembly.

Notable and award winning projects include the 28 mile/20 station light rail Green Line expansion (the longest Light Rail Expansion in North America), the Platinum LEED rated DART Police Headquarters at Illinois Station (conversion of Monroe Shops, Register of Historic Places), and the 3 1/2 mile long TRE Beltline Grade Separation project which utilized composite railroad crossties