E3: Auditing a Construction Management Project - Robert Orkin – (Intermediate)

When planning and auditing a construction management project the auditor will have a different set of considerations than when auditing a design project, a manufacturing project or an office.

This presentation will discuss some differences I have observed in the audit setup, checklist and process. Some similarities will also be discussed.

I will discuss that the Lead auditor must understand the environment of a construction field office, and the background of the typical construction management team. The influence of client preferences and contract specifications on how the team is structured and how the job is handled play a significant role in what will be observed and what is acceptable. The checklist cannot be adequately customized in advance so the Lead Auditor must be flexible and apply knowledge of the underlying basis for the questions when interpreting the responses.

This presentation will include discussion and example items to support the topic. Audience discussion will be encouraged.