D8:  The Journey from a Site Based Supplier Quality System to a Global Supplier Quality System - Jeff Esselman – (Intermediate to Advanced)

In moving to a global supply base, a process for ensuring proper supplier controls was put in place (Article Quality Assessment – AQA).  This was the top priority item and will be shared.  Next an RFP (Request for Proposal) process was implemented to ensure requirements are understood when seeking a supplier quotation.  The third process implemented was Supplier Feedback, which includes a Supplier Requirements Guidebook, Supplier Corrective Action Reports (SCAR) process, and an Engineering Change Request (ECR) format.  The last global process implemented was for Supplier Evaluation and Approval.  This includes requirements for segmenting our supply base into tiers and outlines the management needed for each of these 4 different levels.  The tiering is based upon criticality and spend level.  A Global Approved Supplier List (GASL) with tiering listed is now controlled.  This has been a journey with lessons learned about change management and global implementation along the way.