D6: The Benefits of Implementing a Lean ISO System - Enrique M. Bekerman – (All)

Many organizations have reported internal and external benefits from ISO 9001 implementation.  Misconceptions still exist regarding the requirements of ISO 9001 and related standards, making many small organizations shy away from an ISO implementation initiative.  This presentation shows how Lean concepts can be used to simplify the initiative, amplify the benefits and effectiveness of ISO 9001:2008 implementation and provide maximum value to the organization.  Implementation of a Lean ISO system results in improved communications, particularly in diverse environments, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved product quality while reducing costs and increasing profits.  These benefits can be obtained in any organization, large or small, whether in manufacturing, distribution, services, or government.  The common threads of Lean and ISO are discussed.  The use of Lean tools in the development, maintenance and Continual Improvement of the ISO QMS is discussed.  Practical tips will be given on the deployment and integration of the two methodologies.