D4: Applying the Tools of Quality to Define and Quantify the Business Case for Social Responsibility - Milton Krivokuca – (All)

Social responsibility is a significant element of the routine business process. From the small one person entrepreneurship to the multi-national corporation, social responsibility is a necessary part of any successful business. Since the development of ISO 26000, this topic continues to be addressed by white papers and various publications. Confusion exists for the business case of social responsibility due the lack of a clear business case with quantifiable activities that reflect the organization’s commitment to supporting social responsibility and a working definition of social responsibility which is specific to the organization and its stakeholders. In this 45 minute presentation, the application of proven quality tools and methodologies will be applied in a case study format to a fictional midsized organization in a midsized community to quantify and define this organization’s commitment to social responsibility. The current information published related to social responsibility successes contain numerous examples from large and multi-national corporations, but the success from a community stakeholders perspective lies with the numerous small and mid0sized companies throughout the world.