D2: Strategic planning and execution using lean - Jd Marhevko  Part 2 of 2 (Audience:  An organizational leader at any level that is responsible for the planning, execution and attainment of goals and objectives)

Part 2 of this 2 part session is a continuation of the hands-on, high-level, walk through session of how to utilize Lean Six Sigma (LSS) tools at the organizational level.  The discussion takes the participants through a DMAIC process where they Define their key objectives via the simplified use of a strategic planning/goal setting matrix.  They then identify what their key Measures will be and will draft samples pertinent to their business settings.   During this session, participants will review LSS Analysis tools that have been successfully applied across a variety of industry and service sectors.  The course then discusses the act of Improvement to enable the achievement of their defined objectives.  Lastly, the concept of Control will be reviewed to show participants some methods of how to review and ensure that executed improvements achieve and/or hold the gains that were made.