C7: Efficient Quality: A SharePoint Success Story - Doug Wilson – (Intermediate)

Global teams, reduced quality budgets, and the significant amount of evidence required for audits has forced many companies to embrace innovation in response to this challenge. The automation and modernization of quality and management records is an emerging best practice, embraced by both Government and Commercial companies.  This presentation describes how an organization can leverage MS SharePoint in a number of ways that have proven to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the audit process.  We will discuss the positive influence the auditing group can have in pioneering techniques to virtualize measurements, automate audit corrective actions, and build a world class process repository within the core functionality of SharePoint.  The audience will be presented a case study that involved participation from all levels of the organization as well as its customers.  We will discuss the pros and cons, and offer suggestions for how this technology may change in the near future.  The presenter will describe how this approach has been successful for both CMMI and ISO evaluations.  The audience will learn how this technology can have a positive impact on success without an army of consultants or expensive customization.