C4: Auditor Charm School: Practicing Skills from the CQA BOK - Cindy Bonafede and Jocelyn Phillips- (All)

This paper offers a skill-building game for auditor role-play in difficult audit situations that demand professional skills to ensure successful conduct of the audit.

As defined in the body of knowledge (BOK) for Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), an audit is an independent, structured, and documented evaluation of the adequacy and implementation of an activity to specified requirements.  An auditor is a person who is qualified and authorized to perform all or part of an audit.

What does it take to become a qualified auditor?  What skills do you need?  The BOK audit skills include theory/book knowledge (certifications), and how to gather information, hold meetings, produce reports, and track findings to closure.  While skills to perform these tasks are certainly necessary, there are other skills that are key to the success of any audit:  people skills—how the auditor interacts with people with varying degrees of seniority and knowledge; communication skills—how the auditor sends and receives information; listening skills—concentration and awareness; and management skills—managing the session to achieve the desired outcome within the defined scope.  We use the CQA BOK general knowledge and skills as we step through the skill-building scenarios of the interactive “Auditor Charm School” game.