B9: Auditor Professional Development, Open Forum Discussion

The forum is intended to foster a discussion on the direction the Audit Division should take concerning strengthening the audit profession and the performance of auditors. There is a perfective of some that auditing is not a profession, that auditors are individuals from various technical expertise that have been minted with a certificate based upon limited training. The Audit Division is looking for guidance of whether it should endorse and potentially sponsor the requirements for and the development of specific expectations for the formal training and development of auditors as do other professions.  For example, engineers, accountants, or nurses. The discussion will be facilitated by Audit Division Executive Board Members.  The Audit Division did sponsor a Focus Group to study this topic in the spring of 2009.  A proposal was made by the Focus Group for the establishment of formal education requirements with corresponding certification recognitions in 2011.   Key points the Audit Division Executive Committee would like to explore include, is there a problem with auditor competence to be addressed, is auditing a profession, is the preparation and training of auditor adequately robust,  does the performance of auditors meet its potential and does it meet business’s needs.