A8: Auditing multinational organizations with ASRP (Advanced Surveillance and Recertification Procedures): An innovative approach in a global environment. - Alex Guzman - (Advanced)

This presentation shares the experience of a multinational company that moved from multiple ISO9001 certificates to a single global ISO9001 certificate and further matured to be granted implementation of ASRP (Advanced Surveillance and Recertification Procedures). ASRP is a program that can reduce certification costs with less external audits and without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the QMS. This requires a mature QMS, a robust internal audit program and highly competent internal auditors.

During this session attendees will learn about innovative ideas for ISO9001 certification in a global environment. * One common Business Management System (BMS) certified to ISO9001 through a single registrar.  * One team of self-managed full-time auditors closely engaged with the organization businesses.  * Account Management concept applied to the internal audit function addressing global business needs. * Utilizing ASRP as a cost-effective tool for process improvements.