A7:  Auditing in a Virtual World (Team, Tools, & Techniques) - Sheronda Jeffries (All)

The workplace is evolving and global collaboration drives innovation, creativity and improved decision-making.  Global collaboration is critical due to the “new normal for technology”.  Although the workplace is evolving into “anytime, anywhere”, differences in time zones, holidays, communication styles and language must be accounted for. How does an organization overcome the challenges of a globally diverse workforce and what is the impact of this globally diverse workforce on audits?

As an implementer, quality auditor and trainer for a large, multi-national organization with global ISO 9001 Certification, tips on building relationships and leveraging technology will be shared. The lessons learned and best-practice sharing will include the tools and techniques used in planning, conducting and managing virtual audits and training auditors for a Fortune 500 telecommunications organization.

Learn more about the 3 T’s – Team, Tools and Techniques for “Auditing in the Virtual World”.