A6: Audit Consistency Around the World -   Andy Hofmann -  (All)

It used to be that auditing was a more local endeavor.  Suppliers, customers and registrars were local organizations that at worst were a few hours’ drive away.  All that has changed with globalization, the internet and the drive for the best value for money.  As auditors, it has meant more travel, a lot more travel.  This is particularly true when a corporation has a desire to apply the same measurement criteria.  They quickly find that there is too much variation in the interpretation of standard requirements.  They revert to sending the same people around the world.

As a person who flies more than 150,000 miles per year performing audits, the speaker will describe strategies to ensure consistent results.  The example includes a strategy deployed to arrange an audit team to cover an organization operating around the globe.  Mr. Hofmann will share what went well and what his company is still working on to improve.