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Recertify - Quality Engineer Certification - CQE

Step 5. Recertify.

To maintain the integrity of your Quality Engineer certification, ASQ requires that you recertify every three years.

Two Ways to Recertify

  1. Recertification Journal: Obtain a minimum of 18 recertification units (RUs) during your three-year certification period. Document them in your recertification journal.
  2. Examination: Sit for the exam. (Required if your certification expired and is past the six-month grace period.)

The purpose of recertifying is to ensure that, as an ASQ-certified quality professional, you maintain the same level of knowledge originally demonstrated when you passed the written examination. If you do not recertify, your certification will lapse and ASQ will no longer recognize you as "certified."

If you are retired from full-time employment, you may wish to also retire your ASQ certification credentials.

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