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July Roundup–Intersection of Social Responsibility and Quality

The time for social responsibility (SR) is here. No longer can organizations ignore society as a stakeholder—on that point, all appear to be in agreement. By all, I mean organizations that took part in a recent SR study conducted by IBM … Continue reading

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Connecting a Face with a Name

Hello, readers. This is Laurel Nelson-Rowe, ASQ managing director. This month, I’m pitching in as a guest blogger on View From the Q, and stepping up to the plate with a lead-off question for everybody. Through ASQ and other associations, … Continue reading

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Moving Quality Beyond Product

From time to time things cross my desk that I want to share. Perhaps you’re aware of an organization called The Conference Board in the United States. Its reach is global and high in the C-Suite. Every year The Conference … Continue reading

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The Government/Quality Puzzle

I’ve been thinking a lot about quality and government lately. There have been a lot of cues to think about it. The recent election in France. The continued struggles of Greece.  The 10-year quality plan created by AQSIQ in China.  The topic came … Continue reading

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April Roundup: Are Quality Professionals Happy?

Are quality professionals happy in their jobs? This was the question posed to ASQ’s Influential Voices last month, sparked by this article in Forbes that named software quality engineers as the happiest professionals in the U.S.  The answer appears to … Continue reading

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164th Management Improvement Carnival

I’m happy to host the 164th Management Improvement Carnival on View From the Q this month. What’s the Management Improvement Carnival? It’s a monthly feature hosted by ASQ Influential Voices blogger John Hunter where he or a guest collects and … Continue reading

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Are Quality Professionals Happy On the Job?

No one said it’s easy to be a quality professional.  Interesting—yes. Frustrating—sometimes. (Just see feedback to last month’s post on “selling” quality.) Rewarding—it can be; we’re making a difference. Challenging—that’s a given. Maybe it shouldn’t be easy. After all, some … Continue reading

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March Roundup: Can We "Sell" Quality?

Do we need to make the case for “selling” quality in 2012? Is “selling” the wrong term for showing the C-suite the value of what we do? What would Deming say? These themes ran through the many passionate responses by … Continue reading

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25 Years of ISO 9000

March 15 marked the 25th anniversary of the ISO 9000 series standards.  (If you’ve been around for a while, you know that British standard BS 5179 preceded the ISO standard and the U.S. Mil-Q-9858 predated the British standard.)  So the notion … Continue reading

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How Do You "Sell" Quality?

In my role as CEO of ASQ, I have many opportunities to explain quality. And here and there I have a chance to “sell” quality to a decision-maker.  What happen as a result of these explanations and sales pitches is uncertain … Continue reading

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