ASQ World Conference Day 2: A Look Into the Future

[This is a guest post by Julia McIntosh of ASQ’s communications department.]

The second day of ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement started with a look into our collective global future and ended with a glimpse of the future of quality itself.

It seemed appropriate that the Tuesday morning keynote by futurist Jamais Cascio addressed the many unprecedented ways the world is changing. Key takeaway: The next decade will change our planet, including our climate, our technology, our geopolitics, and our communication methods.

Other key takeaways:

  • Get ready for major economic shifts and unprecedented changes in climate worldwide.  
  • Jobs are also changing–mechanical work is being replicated by machine.
  • Transparency is everywhere: In news, in surveillance equipment, and in technology.
  • New technologies bring forth ethical questions: Who’s responsible for the decisions of machines?
  • Despite enormous changes, our lives will continue. The future is what we create. We are all futurists. What will you create?

Nowhere was that theme clearer than at the unveiling of ASQ’s Global State of Quality research in the afternoon. This was a first-ever view of this groundbreaking data on quality and its impact on organizations worldwide. Data was gathered from 2,000 organizations in 22 countries. The first section of the research, Discoveries 2013, was presented as part of a moderated forum.

Key takeaways:

  • 30 percent of participants reported that quality is governed and managed by a centralized quality group in their organization.
  • 34 percent of participating organizations strongly agreed that there are measurable quality goals in their strategy.
  • Interestingly, only 14 percent of organizations strongly agreed that they use quality metrics in performance-based compensation.
  • The definition of quality may need to change and evolve with every new generation.

You can download the entire Discoveries 2013 report at The Global State of Quality website. Additional findings, data, and analysis will be released later this summer and in the fall.

Other highlights on Tuesday:  

Poster presentations by International Team Excellence Award finalists in the ASQ Center.
  • Featured presentation by author and leadership expert James Melton on communicating effectively. Key takeaway: Treat strangers with the same courtesy as you do loved ones. You will go far.
  • More quality impact sessions/live team case studies by International Team Excellence Award finalists. The award recipients will be announced tomorrow!
  • An afternoon extravaganza in the very busy exhibit hall. 
  • And a networking reception for all conference goers in the evening: Food, drink, merrymaking and connecting!

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow, Wednesday, is the last day of the conference! Be sure to stay for the closing section. It features the International Team Excellence Award ceremony and keynote speaker Sally Hogshead. Sally takes a unique approach to personal branding—instead of analyzing how you see the world, she analyzes how other people see you.

We hope to see you tomorrow! As always, you can view details on the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement site. And remember, the conference Twitter hashtag is #WCQI13.

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Conference Survival Guide: Part 2

[This is a guest blog post by Julia McIntosh of ASQ’s communication department.]

A few weeks ago, ASQ CEO Paul Borawski asked for your best advice for “surviving” a conference or networking event. As we gear up for ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement May 6-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana, we’re sharing advice we’ve received from ASQ Influential Voices bloggers and ASQ volunteers (also known as member leaders).

And now to the advice!

Update: Influential Voices blogger Bob Mitchell shared his advice: Bring a smart phone and business cards.

Blogger Scott Rutherford has a wealth of tips, including to bring an extra bag for all the things you will acquire during the event!

Aimee Siegler, also an ASQ blogger, strongly encourages conference-goers to sit with someone they don’t know. Aimee advises attendees to attend sessions that cover different industries and unfamiliar topics to learn something new.

In addition to the above advice, ASQ blogger Jennifer Stepniowski says, “Plan your day!” Figure out what you’ll be doing, when, and where. Also, leave some time to summarize your day and reflect on what you’ve learned.

Advice from ASQ member leader Elías Monréal for getting the most out of ASQ’s World Conference specifically:

“Here are a few of my tips: 1) Find the hospitality suites from the various ASQ Divisions: FD&C, ASD, Inspection, Audit, etc. Not only good source of food/drink but GREAT networking opportunity. 2) Budget for time to schmooze around the Exhibition Hall. Who knows, just might make new friend, find that new product, add a division/interest group, buy that ASQ book at conference reduced rate, or catch your breath from long day. 3) Bring a cardboard box to ship home those trinkets/giveaways/shirts/books/magazines to avoid the excess baggage fee or second bag fee. 4) Pack aspirin…trust me on this one. 4) You may take 10,000 photos to remember event but try to tell yourself, you will return to WCQI next year.”

And, finally, advice from too many people to list: Wear comfortable shoes!

If you have more tips, please share them in the comments! And be sure to watch View From the Q for live updates from ASQ’s World Conference  next week. You can also follow conference keynotes and other events on Twitter. The hashtag is #WCQI13.