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Quality Solutions in Unexpected Places

Don’t tell me this has never happened to you. You’re away from the office—at home, at the store, at a sporting event, at your children’s school—and you spot a situation where a quality tool would really come in handy.  Or, … Continue reading

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February Roundup–Risk and Failure in Quality and Science

“It is interesting how the February ASQ Influential Voices topic has moved from addressing the fear of failure to the discussion of managing risk,” writes blogger Scott Rutherford in his second blog topic addressing failure. What started as a discussion … Continue reading

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What Motivates Your Career?

What are your professional New Year’s resolutions? It might be all too common to set resolutions, and yet it I think it’s helpful to set goals to accomplish in coming year. So it’s appropriate that late last year we were … Continue reading

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Transformation, Improvement Roadmaps & Plans for 2013

This is a post from Laurel Nelson-Rowe, ASQ managing director. In November, I attended the Dubai Quality Group Annual Quality and Business Excellence Conference, held as part of World Quality Month celebrations in Dubai. Conference attendees represented finance, trade, government, utilities, … Continue reading

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2012 Salary Survey–What's Your Case for a Raise?

The December QP contains ASQ’s annual, ever-popular salary survey.  Perhaps you’ve already seen it.  If not, take a look. As always, in 2012 there’s good news and less-than-good news.  The study year over year confirms the value of professional certification.  And … Continue reading

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Quality, Design and Chrysler

This is a guest post by Laurel Nelson-Rowe, ASQ managing director. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the 2012 ASQ Automotive Division Awards. The event’s keynote speaker, Klaus Busse (left), head of interior design at the Chrysler … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the Traditional Quality Function

I spent a couple of days last week in Washington  D.C. at a forum of a new organization called the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition. I must say the Coalition  had assembled a remarkable group of interests from manufacturing, government, research, academia, … Continue reading

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September Roundup: "Fast" Quality vs. "Slow" Quality

The product development process moves fast these days—and so should quality. Or should it? I posed this question to ASQ’s Influential Voices bloggers in September. Can quality maintain its integrity in the face ever-increasing pressure to move fast? The responses … Continue reading

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Fast Quality?

Faster, faster, faster. Maybe that sounds like leftover encouragement from the summer Olympics, but I’m referring to the rate of change and our struggle to keep up with it.  A couple of years ago the VP of quality for a large consumer electronics … Continue reading

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Feelings and Quality Culture

Culture. More specifically, Quality Culture.  I’ve been asked to speak on the topic of creating a quality culture.  Now, I’m not short of opinion on the topic, and that opinion has been shaped over the years by many insights, lessons, … Continue reading

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