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World Quality Month–A Roundup

November was World Quality Month. You can read about the event on, plus see all the resources that were compiled and sent in from around the world. It’s always great to see that kind of energy and enthusiasm from the global … Continue reading

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World Quality Month: Accelerating Quality

We observe November as World Quality Month, and I invite you to view and learn about the events and activities of quality organizations around the world.  Although World Quality Month began in 2010, quality-themed celebrations have a longer history. For example, … Continue reading

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October Roundup–Taking Quality Beyond the Silo

Can quality go beyond its traditional function? Should it? ASQ’s Influential Voices bloggers generally answered “yes” to these questions, posed to the group in October. Yes—and yet there are many challenges to moving quality beyond organizational silos, as most noted. … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the Traditional Quality Function

I spent a couple of days last week in Washington  D.C. at a forum of a new organization called the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition. I must say the Coalition  had assembled a remarkable group of interests from manufacturing, government, research, academia, … Continue reading

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September Roundup: "Fast" Quality vs. "Slow" Quality

The product development process moves fast these days—and so should quality. Or should it? I posed this question to ASQ’s Influential Voices bloggers in September. Can quality maintain its integrity in the face ever-increasing pressure to move fast? The responses … Continue reading

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Fast Quality?

Faster, faster, faster. Maybe that sounds like leftover encouragement from the summer Olympics, but I’m referring to the rate of change and our struggle to keep up with it.  A couple of years ago the VP of quality for a large consumer electronics … Continue reading

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August Roundup–Building a Culture of Quality

Quality culture. It’s a topic much-discussed in the quality community. How can we encourage it? Create it? Sustain it? Where does quality culture come from? How does it go wrong? If it does, what can be done? I blogged about quality … Continue reading

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25 Years of the Baldrige Program

Today we observe the 25th anniversary of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  There will be several opportunities to celebrate the 25th anniversary, but this is the actual date the legislation was signed. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act … Continue reading

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Feelings and Quality Culture

Culture. More specifically, Quality Culture.  I’ve been asked to speak on the topic of creating a quality culture.  Now, I’m not short of opinion on the topic, and that opinion has been shaped over the years by many insights, lessons, … Continue reading

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July Roundup–Intersection of Social Responsibility and Quality

The time for social responsibility (SR) is here. No longer can organizations ignore society as a stakeholder—on that point, all appear to be in agreement. By all, I mean organizations that took part in a recent SR study conducted by IBM … Continue reading

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