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Global Quality Programs (Don't Just Call Them Awards)

A few weeks ago I spotted this fascinating interview with Bill Voravuth Chengsupanimit, the lead assessor of the Thailand Quality Award. Did you know that soon, all government agencies in Thailand will be required to follow and adapt a version of … Continue reading

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Local Government and Quality

Last week ASQ welcomed executives and administrators from the City of Milwaukee (where our global headquarters reside) to an open house. The intent was to help them better understand ASQ and the offerings we can provide as the City embarks … Continue reading

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Quality Solutions in Unexpected Places

Don’t tell me this has never happened to you. You’re away from the office—at home, at the store, at a sporting event, at your children’s school—and you spot a situation where a quality tool would really come in handy.  Or, … Continue reading

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February Roundup–Risk and Failure in Quality and Science

“It is interesting how the February ASQ Influential Voices topic has moved from addressing the fear of failure to the discussion of managing risk,” writes blogger Scott Rutherford in his second blog topic addressing failure. What started as a discussion … Continue reading

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Risk, Failure & Careers in Quality

How many of you have failed recently? Did you fail in your work or in school? If you did, would you admit it? I want to talk about failure because a recent ASQ survey about teenagers and science careers revealed … Continue reading

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What Do We Mean By "Quality"?

Quick: What do we mean when we talk about “quality”? It’s a seemingly simple question, and yet it’s not so easy to answer. It may come as no surprise that quality can be defined in many different ways, from “it’s … Continue reading

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Quality=Customer Service?

When you think of “quality,” do you think of customer service? I certainly do. The customer service department is often our first—and only—contact with a company, whether it’s our Internet provider or retail outlet. And yet, customer service is not … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Quality?

Well, it’s a new year, 2013. We’re 13 years into what Dr. Juran said would be the “Century of Quality.” I wish I had taken the opportunity to ask Dr. Juran exactly what he foresaw.  If someone asked me if we were making … Continue reading

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What Motivates Your Career?

What are your professional New Year’s resolutions? It might be all too common to set resolutions, and yet it I think it’s helpful to set goals to accomplish in coming year. So it’s appropriate that late last year we were … Continue reading

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2012 Salary Survey–What's Your Case for a Raise?

The December QP contains ASQ’s annual, ever-popular salary survey.  Perhaps you’ve already seen it.  If not, take a look. As always, in 2012 there’s good news and less-than-good news.  The study year over year confirms the value of professional certification.  And … Continue reading

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