Data From Forbes Insights and ASQ Points to Culture of Quality

This is a guest post by Laurel Nelson-Rowe, managing director at ASQ.

We didn’t bring up the topic—he did.

The “he” was Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter, Brazilian business leader, chairman of Gerdau S.A., and ASQ Juran Medalist, among his many roles and honors.

The “we” was the ASQ contingent: ASQ board chair Stephen Hacker, ASQ board member Joal Teitelbaum, and myself.

And the topic? Culture of quality. It was clear that culture of quality was far more than an abstract idea for seasoned executive Gerdau, as he noted at the PGQP annual conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil, a few weeks ago.

Why has culture of quality been a top searched topic on, the subject of a recent Harvard Business Review article, and a theme of ASQ’s 2013 Global State of Quality report?

Well, for Gerdau, it is top-of-mind because a culture of quality, with a strong, shared values base; with a strong executive leadership vision, voice and behavior; and with purposeful ties to business and to life objectives, is essential.

And, he went even further. A corporate quality culture connects to innovation and to sustainability outcomes and opportunities in the 21st century. It helps businesses to work with academic and government institutions and achieve through collaboration.

I found myself wondering if Gerdau has already read the Forbes Insights-ASQ Culture of Quality: Accelerating Growth and Performance in the Enterprise white paper? He couldn’t have—the report was just released.

So, now, it’s your turn. Read the white paper, produced in collaboration with Forbes Insights and ASQ.  You may have participated in the Forbes Insights research, which had led to this first report.

Take a look—gauge your responses on behalf of your organization against 2,300 other voices. Point to important data points, question questions, critique your culture, and accelerate your enterprise through quality.

And let us know your top-of-mind.

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  1. Saied Mohammed says:

    Do we have any information on risk assessment? This will be greatly appreciated as we seek to build quality in the assessment process.

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