A Time for Change

It’s been a busy few months, and, consequently, a quiet time on View From the Q. Thank you, bloggers and readers, for your patience. Let me give you an update. As you probably know, I’m retiring from ASQ as of mid-May.

My successor, Bill Troy, will be starting on April 21 as the CEO of ASQ.  We’re very excited to welcome Bill to “the Q”! You can learn more about him and his various accomplishments here.

In sum, Bill’s experience is built on service, high-performance and integrity through the U.S. military. Bill also served as a Senior Fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard in 2001 and spent much of his time working in different regions around the globe, and in a variety of settings, interacting with military, government and business leaders.

I will take part in this year’s ASQ World Conference in Dallas—and when it’s over, my wife and I will begin what we’re referring to as  “Our year of sabbatical.” We will be moving to Door County, a beautiful, nature-filled area in the northern part of Wisconsin. I’m putting a woodshop together and look forward to the days of making sawdust and considering how to put my gifts and experience back to work.

I’ve enjoyed nearly 28 years at ASQ and have learned a great deal about quality and the difference it can make in the world.  But it’s time to step back and provide myself the opportunity of distance and reflection as I, and we, consider the next phase of life.  Your commitment and dedication to quality and ASQ have been a source of immense inspiration. I know in whatever I do that I will take what you’ve so patiently taught me.  I will keep the torch for quality lit. Of that you can sure. I rely on you to do the same, and to pass the torch of quality onto others.

This is a time of change for ASQ.  A change in leadership and transformational changes in the nature of the organization.  Quality remains a great opportunity for the world as it struggles with opportunity of ever greater proportion.  I have great faith that you and ASQ will rise to the occasion.

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