Ideas for World Quality Month 2013

November is the fourth annual World Quality Month, a celebration of quality, its impact on the world, and quality practitioners whose knowledge, experience, and passion make improved quality available for anyone who asks.

You can learn more about the event on The site houses quality-themed events, success stories, knowledge resources, and a toolkit available in English, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish with posters, etags, and web banners that you are encouraged to download and use.

Those who work in quality sometimes struggle to explain its value to “outsiders”—or even “insiders”–at their organization. There’s no better time to remedy this than November. I encourage you to take a proactive role in World Quality Month this year!

If your organization  hasn’t made any plans yet, it’s not too late. Forward a link to the site. Download posters and display them in your office. Host a quality “open house” for your department and invite colleagues from other areas (be sure to offer snacks). Put an etag in your email signature. Submit your quality stories, case studies, and events—the site welcomes visitor content.

Oh, and don’t forget to have some fun. That’s right. New in 2013 are contests and social media events highlighting the lighter side of quality:

  • Submit a photo of an item that has lasted for a long time (like a car or appliance) as part of the #qualitylasts contest on Twitter.  You could win a Canon digital camera. Use hashtags #qualitylasts and #wqm13. You can find more details here.
  • A lot of quality folks like the Quality Quotes from ASQ’s Knowledge Center. In November, look for a “quality quote” generator in QP, ASQ’s flagship magazine.
  • Any time you make something better—that’s a quality moment. Submit your #qualitymoments on ASQ’s Facebook or Twitter now through November. We will compile for
  • LinkedIn users can add “World Quality Month” as a skill on LinkedIn and encourage endorsements.
  • Finally, share your World Quality Month celebration ideas in the comments.
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3 Responses to Ideas for World Quality Month 2013

  1. susanta kumar das says:

    It is very heartening to know that the month of November 2013 is being celebrated as the Fourth Annual World Quality Month.

    Quality is to be given much more importance than ever. Quality is not for profit now. Quality should be viewed as sustainability in business, in society, and in wider sense, in our Mother Earth.

    Burden on the Earth is increasing, Earth’s environment is degrading. Consequently, responsibilities of quality professional are increasing to ensure that harmful effects on the environment are reduced, so that sustainability of life on Earth is assured.

    During the World Quality Month celebration, we have to propagate this message among our fellow men and women to create wide spread awareness.

    ASQ, in this regard, can create significant impact on business organizations, on the society, on the nations and on the international community at global level. What we need to focus and commit may be identified and circulated among various target groups/stakeholders.

    The few things which come to my mind are:
    1. Developing only environment-friendly, sustainable technology and products
    2. Improving efficiency and productivity, and reducing all sorts of wastage
    3. Encouraging and supporting various authorities and agencies for providing the essentials for good living to all the people of the world
    4. Defining Quality as “convenience with sustainability”, and not as “fitness for use”or “conformance to requirements”
    5. Sensitizing the people about what is Quality in products and services in terms of sustainability, so that only those organizations who can deliver those, can survive.
    6. Defining Quality in each aspect of the essentials, such as, food, shelter, health, water, education, safety, etc.
    7. Ensuring wide-spread education on Quality at global level. This can be ensured or facilitated by supporting/encouraging institutes/organizations at various countries to spread this education at mass level.
    8. Publishing Quality levels of various essentials – products and services – of different countries highlighting global best levels or practices
    9. Focusing to build collaborations with various bodies/countries to help improve Quality level
    10. Binding the whole world with one theme of Quality

    Hope, ASQ and the members will add to this list and bring a unifying theme of actions/activities to be considered/implemented during the World Quality Month celebrations in the month of November 2013.


    Susanta Kumar Das

  2. VASUKI HARAVU says:


  3. A great post and excellent suggestions, thank you. Here at ISO Certification Services we look forward to reading your future posts.

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