Roundup: How and Why Quality Professionals Use Social Media

We don’t always think of quality professionals using social media for professional networking. Yet according to ASQ’s Influential Voices bloggers, many do just that—and most use social platforms beyond blogging.

 Granted, the Influential Voices are a somewhat unique group—they blog for personal enjoyment, on their own time. Yet I think that all quality practitioners—even though who are a bit cynical about social media–could learn some useful tips. After all, you don’t need to use every social network out there. But a few selected platforms can help you get a jump start on networking and learning, no matter what your professional goals.

Blogging: Unsurprisingly, many bloggers wrote about their preference for blogging in the social media arena. But many, like Tim McMahon, also supplement their blogging on other networks. For example, John Hunter writes about making the most of blogging tools—he is a big fan of RSS readers. Chad Walters also relies on RSS and LinkedIn to make blogging easier. Jimena Calfa got her start on social media with a blog before she signed on for any other networks.

Why aren’t we using social media? Jennifer Stepniowski notes that very few quality professionals are using social media right now, and wonders why this is. Michael Noble explains why he is cynical about the usefulness of social media. James Lawther asks if organizational social media policies are isolating staff from the world rather than helping them connect.

Why and how to use social media:  Bob Mitchell writes about the strides his ASQ section, the Minnesota section, has made in using social media and technology. Rajan Thiyagaran writes about the uses of social media to professionals, including capturing customer feedback.

Aimee Siegler writes in favor of LinkedIn for professional networking. Anshuman Tiwari also writes at length about the advantages of LinkedIn over other sites. Babette Ten Haken encourages us to move beyond the comfort zone on LinkedIn and make the most of this professional networking site.

Dan Zrymiak urges us to consider the value of the content that we post on social media–and also to replicate face-to-face communities and in-person networking. There’s no substitute for these.

Edwin Garro writes (in Spanish) about using ASQ’s internal social networking site, the Communities. Communities recently underwent a redesign and is back with many enhanced features.

From an industry-specific perspective, Shon Isenhour blogs about ways the Internet is useful in improving reliability in plants. Dr. Lotto Lai writes about using social media, including his blog, to promote a book he had written.

Manu Vora explains why he uses nearly all popular social networks. Like Manu, Cesar Diaz Guevara makes use of multiple networks, from blogging to Instagram.

Meet a new blogger: And on a different note, new Influential Voice Guy Bigwood introduces himself with a post about the quality-social responsibility connection.

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One Response to Roundup: How and Why Quality Professionals Use Social Media

  1. Brian Dean says:

    Great roundup, Paul!

    I completely agree that professionals don’t need to get involved in every social network under the sun (in fact, that often keeps them from getting started in ANY social network). I started with Twitter, then moved onto Google+ and I’m going to tackle Linkedin next.

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