Global State of Quality: Professional Training

We all know that quality is an exercise in continuous improvement. Are you continuously improving yourself through training? Again, ASQ’s Global State of Quality research has some interesting facts on this matter. (Remember, you can download the entire report for free at the above link.)

From the research:  “Organizations that govern quality with a centralized group are roughly 30 percent more likely to provide quality training to staff than organizations where a senior executive governs the quality process” (page 6).

Interesting! Do find this to be true in your company? Who encourages you to pursue professional training?

To me, it’s encouraging the most organizations, especially larger companies, do provide training to their employees.  In fact, only five percent of the surveyed organizations provide no quality training at all. Take a look at this chart from the research (page 23).

BUT! The research also shows that “the majority of organizations have a fairly narrow training scope by providing quality-related training to staff directly involved in the quality process. Only a handful of organizations provide quality training to all staff” (page 24).

So, most of us get some training, but it depends on where we work, and our physical location in the organization. Does this reflect your experience? Or do you pursue quality training on your own?

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4 Responses to Global State of Quality: Professional Training

  1. Thanks Paul for the opportunity to respond to an interesting subject. [see: ]. Healthcare education in Quality, as near as I can say, would probably fall into the same pattern as the service sector part of your graph.
    We have had some successes, but on the overall, healthcare has a LONG way to go when it comes to providing Quality Training.

    So here’s the healthcare choice: get on with Quality training or get sued into oblivion.

  2. David Benney says:

    I am considering becoming an ASQ certified Quality Engineer and wondered if you run training courses and exams in the UK and if so who/where are they held.



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