Global Quality Programs (Don't Just Call Them Awards)

A few weeks ago I spotted this fascinating interview with Bill Voravuth Chengsupanimit, the lead assessor of the Thailand Quality Award.

Did you know that soon, all government agencies in Thailand will be required to follow and adapt a version of the Baldrige criteria? As Mr. Chengsupanimit says:

“It is our government’s wish to jumpstart and pursue performance excellence to enhance sustainability in all sectors through a common excellence framework with unified values. In Thailand, all government agencies must pass the fundamental level of the PMQA program by 2014. (The PMQA is the 2006 version of the Baldrige Criteria.)”

I find this fascinating and encouraging, especially in light of some recent thoughts about the place and value of quality methodologies in local government.  Mr. Chengsupanimit also speaks of business excellence programs—we all know they’re much more than awards—in Vietnam and Singapore.

And in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates recently unveiled the Dubai Quality Award, a guide to best practices for organizations based in the UAE and beyond.

Do you live in a country with a national quality program?  Is it serving to create role models for others to emulate?  Is the national program growing in visibility and perceived value and creating capacity for national excellence?  Your insights on any of the above are welcome.

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4 Responses to Global Quality Programs (Don't Just Call Them Awards)

  1. Suresh Lulla says:

    Yes. Thailand is embracing the Baldridge through the Thailand Quality Award. They have also used trainers from across the world to set high standards in interpretation of the criteria.
    Qimpro was the consultant for the first winner of the TQA – Thai Acrylic, an Aditya Birla Group company. Subsequently, we were appointed by Bumrungrad Hospital.

  2. Many thanks for raising the discussion about National Awards for Quality and Excellence. A number of countries see and value achievement. Excellence Canada represents Canada in this regard.
    For further reading visit:


  3. Jesus Gilberto Concepcion G. says:

    In the Dominican Republic the private sector started the Quality Award proccess many years ago using a combination of different award programs and the national culture. Today the goverment has also been interested and has the Public Quality Award for the sector. Now private and public sectors have iniciated a journay together and using the Baldrige criteria the National Quality Award Progarm have been oficialized by law.
    Many of the goverment offices are ISO-9000 certified and quality is an important issue in every day conversation. However, there is a big journey to keep improving in every aspect of our life.

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