Local Government and Quality

Last week ASQ welcomed executives and administrators from the City of Milwaukee (where our global headquarters reside) to an open house. The intent was to help them better understand ASQ and the offerings we can provide as the City embarks on a quality journey.

The City of Milwaukee is ASQ’s first municipal site member, and we see this as encouraging. We all believe quality has much to offer to local, regional, and national governments.

The city’s quality efforts enjoy the visible support of the Mayor and the Common Council president–which we all know is necessary for success.

Of course, we’ve told the city executives about Coral Springs, Florida, and their Baldrige award in 2007, and Irving, Texas, which received a Baldrige award in 2012. I also tell, over and over again, about the city of Shanghai. A city of 26 million people growing at a rate of a million a year, and their quality efforts are quite remarkable.

So my question is, where is quality taking root in city, local and state or province management? If you have examples, I think the world would welcome the ability to share successes to help make the case that quality is having an impact in local government.

(For more on the government/quality puzzle, take a look at this post from last May.)

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  1. Gail Birks says:

    This is great. As someone who grew up in Milwaukee, now living in Florida, I am glad to see the visioning of the leadership there. We are also a Lean Six Sigma Certified Organization with our Principal Consultant being a Master Black Belt Candidate.

    Bravo Milwaukee!!!

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