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Risk, Failure & Careers in Quality

How many of you have failed recently? Did you fail in your work or in school? If you did, would you admit it? I want to talk about failure because a recent ASQ survey about teenagers and science careers revealed … Continue reading

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What Do We Mean By "Quality"?

Quick: What do we mean when we talk about “quality”? It’s a seemingly simple question, and yet it’s not so easy to answer. It may come as no surprise that quality can be defined in many different ways, from “it’s … Continue reading

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Quality=Customer Service?

When you think of “quality,” do you think of customer service? I certainly do. The customer service department is often our first—and only—contact with a company, whether it’s our Internet provider or retail outlet. And yet, customer service is not … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Quality?

Well, it’s a new year, 2013. We’re 13 years into what Dr. Juran said would be the “Century of Quality.” I wish I had taken the opportunity to ask Dr. Juran exactly what he foresaw.  If someone asked me if we were making … Continue reading

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What Motivates Your Career?

What are your professional New Year’s resolutions? It might be all too common to set resolutions, and yet it I think it’s helpful to set goals to accomplish in coming year. So it’s appropriate that late last year we were … Continue reading

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