Fast Quality?

Faster, faster, faster.

Maybe that sounds like leftover encouragement from the summer Olympics, but I’m referring to the rate of change and our struggle to keep up with it.  A couple of years ago the VP of quality for a large consumer electronics manufacturing company told me that the average life of a consumer electronics product (hence manufacturing line) was six months.  I’ve used this quote all over the world and no one has yet rebuffed me, so maybe it’s close to the mark.

The same VP, who had also been an executive at a large, well-known cell phone manufacturer, told me it was time for the quality community to have a conversation about how the practice of quality could evolve to support the needs of a rapidly changing world.  So share with us some of the ways the practice of quality is changing to meet the needs of faster, faster, faster.

Or, if you prefer, tell us why quality should not change despite the rapidly changing world.

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