Round-Up: World Quality Month Reflections

You could say November 2011 was an epic month for ASQ. It was our second annual World Quality Month, where we celebrated the global quality community and its accomplishments. We released our inaugural list of 40 Under 40—a group of young, up-and-coming quality professionals. And we celebrated the one-year anniversary of ASQ’s Influential Voices blogging community.

A bit of history–last year, we invited quality professionals from around the world to engage with ASQ in an online conversation—a conversation about quality, about the future of the field, about what makes them and the quality community tick.

This November, our bloggers reflected on World Quality Month and their year of blogging. I want to thank the Influential Voices for investing their time in sharing knowledge and raising the voice of quality!  I am also pleased to announce that we will expand the Influential Voices program in 2012 and invite additional quality bloggers to join the conversation. I’m anticipating robust debates and knowledge-sharing. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!  

In the meantime, I encourage you to read World Quality Month reflections by our current bloggers. You’ll feel inspired to raise your voice in the coming year.

Jennifer Stepniowski celebrated World Quality Month by taking part in the great American Teach-In, an event that stresses to students the importance of a good education. To drive home her point, she asked the students how they would feel if they received a LEGO kit that was damaged or missing parts. When they responded that they would be angry, she knew that she had imparted the basics of quality – that quality is good and poor quality is bad. Simple—but true!

Guy Wallace writes about the importance of cooperation among professional organizations. He claims that inter-group collaboration is necessary because there is more to do and accomplish than any one group can take on. Also, take a look at the video Guy created for our YouQ video contest, held as part of World Quality Month.

Rajan Thiyagarajan explains how ASQ and other associations help professionals keep-up-to-date with the best practices in quality and offer professional development opportunities. Rajan, for example, is a member of the standing board of reviewers at ASQ’s Quality Press.

Bob Mitchell reflected on his workplace, 3M, and its recognition of the vital value of quality, innovation and social responsibility. Bob credits former CEO James McNerney with bringing Six Sigma to 3M, and explains that commitment to quality is one of the company’s key values. Plus, Robert created a video about his personal quality journey for our YouQ video contest in November. Take a look!

In another workplace-themed reflections, Dr. Robert Burney ponders what quality means to healthcare. Robert writes—perhaps controversially–that the solution to the high cost of healthcare is to invest in price competition. He writes that “if we define quality as meaning price, then quality would improve as prices come down.”

Dennis Arter writes about the 40 Under 40 project and how proud he is to be friends with several of the professionals on the list.  I’m sorry to say that Dennis will not be blogging as an Influential Voice next year, but he plans to maintain his blog nevertheless (read his knowledgeable and authoritative posts on audit quality).

I’m also sorry to hear that Matthew Heusser will not be blogging for Influential Voices in 2012. In his last blog post as part of the program, he reflects on his experience and the benefits of membership in professional associations such as ASQ. I’m humbled by Matt’s compliments for our 40 Under 40, and our online conversation platforms for quality professionals.

Like many bloggers, Cesar Diaz Guevara is surprised by how quickly the past year flew by. In 2011, Cesar literally raised the voice of quality–and his own–by doing media interviews to promote the 6th Conference on Quality in Ecuador, organized in tandem with Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar. Cesar plans to raise his voice in the next year and welcome new members to the program. Cesar also created a video for our YouQ contest about his commitment to quality. Take a look!

In the spirit of World Quality Month, Chris Hermenitt encourages his readers to think of quality both subjectively and objectively. The better question, he says, is not “what is quality?” but “what is quality to you?” Chris goes on to answer his own question, and writes that quality means “adding value to society and to the world. I will never stop trying to add value and improve the condition of the world, in big or small ways.”

Similarly, David Levy writes that quality should not be restricted to one month. No arguments there!  David concludes his post by writing, “I live the profession and practice of Quality Management, Quality Engineering and Quality Improvement everyday of the year both at work and in my personal life. What more can I do? Invite others to learn and become active with the practices, after all, this is the 21st Century – the Century of Quality.” Hear hear.

I congratulate Aimee Siegler on her inclusion in our 40 Under 40. As a young quality professional, Aimee stresses the importance of finding the next generation of torch bearers to help raise the voice of quality and concludes by asking her readers for their ideas.

And I congratulate Anshuman Tiwari, another Influential Voices blogger included in our 40 Under 40. This month, Anshuman blogged about quality at The Coca-Cola Company and created a video about choosing quality as a profession. 

Speaking of the 40 Under 40, the list also includes Influential Voices blogger Lori Dellinger. Again, congratulations! It’s an honor to work with such an accomplished group to build and transform the future of the field.  

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  1. I’d like to congratulate for one-year anniversary of ASQ’s Influential Voices blogging community. It is one of Internet spot that I’ve been reading regularly, in function of high quality of contents one can find in it.

  2. I’m glad to see participation from people across the world, from individuals in large companies like 3M to entrepreneurs like the Ecuadorian representative.
    How can one join this select group?

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