Update on Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

The following letter went out to Baldrige Performance Excellence Program supporters and ASQ member leaders today. I invite your thoughts and comments. Thank you for raising your voice about the value of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. We will keep you informed about future developments for this essential program.

This past week Congress passed and the President signed an Appropriations bill that does not provide federal funding for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (BPEP) for FY 2012. We want to thank everyone who has and continues to be a part of the collaborative effort of many partners associated with the Program, who contribute to this national asset.

We all know that the Baldrige criteria offers tremendous value in driving performance excellence throughout the country – it is the top program for driving performance excellence across every sector and type of organization, and for making our business, health care, nonprofits and educational institutions more competitive, more efficient, and more successful in generating and sustaining positive outcomes. The need is greater now than ever to make Baldrige more accessible to the organizations and communities that need it throughout the country.

The Baldrige Foundation, the private 501(c)3 that has supported BPEP for over 20 years with the contributions of the private sector, has agreed to support operations of the Baldrige Program through 2012, while key program partners – representing the Baldrige Program, the Baldrige Foundation, the Alliance for Performance Excellence (of state/local quality award programs), and ASQ–explore alternative business and funding models to sustain the mission of Baldrige in the future.

Many of you as stakeholders have provided input into an emerging vision for our future–through focus groups and interviews, blog posts, surveys, and even informal conversations. We will welcome additional input as we shape our collective future together.

The data are compelling and the testimony is powerful: we all know that Baldrige is a proven way to fix what is not working in America and to help make us great again…one organization at a time. Thank you for your unwavering support in the past and for your confidence and support in our future. We will update you regularly on our progress.

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