Celebrating World Quality Month

In celebration of World Quality Month in November, I created a brief “vlog” to share some thoughts about the value of this celebration.

I invite the global quality community to join the conversation. At the end of the video, there are two questions: “How is it that you came to be passionate about quality?” and “How will you help in your country to observe and celebrate the importance of quality?” Raise your voice loud and clear. Your passion and dedication to quality are necessary and important.

(Why the “vlog”? It’s in honor of our YouQ video contest, open now through October 31. Create a video about how you use quality to make the world a better place. Don’t worry about production. Remember–it’s about the stories. Have fun, and good luck. By the way, the grand prize is an iPad.)

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4 Responses to Celebrating World Quality Month

  1. Wayne Stansbury says:

    I am a Quality Manager for a national law firm. Would you have any suggestions on some fun quality events we could do?

  2. jkolker says:

    Hi Wayne. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    This year, for the first time ever, ASQ is hosting a YouQ video contest to showcase great quality stories. Your and your staff could create a video for YouQ (see http://www.facebook.com/asq). Cell phone cameras work great for this, and the grand prize for the winner is an iPad. We’re also offering World Quality Month posters that you can print to display at your organization. http://www.asq.org/2011/10/world-quality-month-poster.pdf

    In the next week, we’re launch a site dedicated to World Quality Month, with events and other activities. Please watch ASQ’s social media for the link or your ASQ Weekly if you’re a member.

    • Wayne Stansbury says:

      Thank you for your quick response. I am a ASQ member and look forward to the events you will be posting next.

      I do have the flyer and will talk to our paralegal team about posting a quality video.

  3. jkolker says:

    Hi Wayne–glad I could help. The YouQ contest deadline has been extended to November 15, 2011. We hope you can submit a video!
    -Julia Kolker, ASQ Communications

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