ASQ/IBM Connect on Social Responsibility

I’ve gauged a lot of interest on the topic of Social Responsibility (SR) within the quality community. As part of ASQ’s commitment to  support organizations in their efforts to become more socially responsible, ASQ and IBM have partnered to conduct important SR research. The study is designed to systematically identify distinguishing characteristics and metrics that lead to successful SR programs and build a business case based upon the research findings. I invite you to add your voice and spend a few minutes to take this survey on how organizations approach social responsibility.

How can quality better help organizations meet their social responsibility objectives and achieve social responsibility business results? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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One Response to ASQ/IBM Connect on Social Responsibility

  1. This combination of ASQ and IBM can be a very good opportunity to put forward some good pointers to the world about the importance of building the known advantages of imbedding Quality concepts into any organizations’ management structure. this should stress that it become the corporate culture to maintain quality at all levels in the organization. This should include proper recognition for those who perform its functions and make it work.

    This may be a good time to bring in the European concept that Quality should be part of the laws of the land and require it in the US as they do in some countries there. A small start would be to prohibit ‘downsizing’ where more than ????Thousand people were to be dismissed without a full review of the corporate reasons for the action. This review would be by a panel of peer CEO’s who have been vetted to support corporate control of companies , the best thing for the country, and possibly tariffs to maintain the profitability of the action that is about to be axed. There could be a second panel that would review the situation and the companys possible capabilities and recommend a new product (or service) that those being considered for dismissal could recycled to become employees in a new endeavor within the company or in a new company.

    Is there any place where I could be of any assistance in this effort?

    Marshall L Ihrig
    Retired from IBM
    Retired from US Navy
    Member of ASQ

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