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11 Webinars that Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making and Continuous Improvement

A critical component to driving continuous improvement at the district, school, and classroom level is learning how to use data to make informed decisions.

This webinar package will provide your district with all the training you need to get started on setting up a system of continuous improvement using data to inform. No travel, no consultant fees, simply download the presentations and disseminate them to begin training your board, district leadership team, school leadership team, and teachers today.

Now available for free, your whole school can have access to the Continuous Improvement in Education Webinar Series. This is a professional development package for every educator at your school.

Use this webinar series for professional development throughout your entire district.

Basic Quality Improvement

Quality 101 for Education

All levels: Leveraging Education Quality for Student Achievement

Creating Capacity

Punch up Your Hiring Process—Best Practices to Recruit, Hire, and Mentor the Best Teachers for Your Schools

The Best Teachers: Hiring and Mentoring Tips — Board Members, Superintendent and Leadership Team, Business Leaders
Pewaukee School District

Developing Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities That Really Work!

All levels: Teacher, Administrator, Board Member…this is a perfect presentation to be used for in-service Iredell-Statesville

The core: Becoming a Systems Thinker and setting up a framework for excellence


Improve Student Achievement, A Process for Setting and Aligning District Goals (2 sessions) These two presentations create a powerful training package for All levels: Board, District leaders, School leaders, Teacher Leaders — this is a can’t miss presentation if you’re looking for a roadmap to setting up a system of continuous improvement, aligning goals, tips on where to get started, and an inside look/pictures of a continuous improvement classroom

Closing the Gap

Bridging the Accountability Gap Through Collaboration

Teachers and Principals

Support Processes

Flowcharting School Support Service Processes

Support Processes — What do you do with financial, facilities management, food service, and technology support, etc. in your continuous improvement efforts: Get rid of waste and align support the academic achievement of all students
Council Rock School District

Discipline and School Safety

Continuous Improvement in School Climate Through a Data-Driven Discipline Program

Principal and Teacher
Metropolis Elementary

Doing it all in a Socially Responsible way

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Green: In and Out of the Classroom — District School and Community
Mayfield City Schools

Student Achievement

Establishing Relationships: The Key to Improving Student Achievement

All levels: Leveraging Teacher Relationships for Student Achievement