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How Delightful is your Audit Program?

The next step in the evolution of your audit program...

Learn why your internal audit program should be an integral part of how your organization sustains positive results and how to make that happen if it is not. The 4 evolutionary stages of audit program development will be discussed in detail as this session teaches attendees how to develop an internal audit program from one that is backward facing, reactionary and solely compliance based to one that is also forward seeking, continuous improvement driving and results sustaining. The Kano model of customer satisfaction will be used as the framework to explore this new 21st century audit paradigm, as we move through the four phases of audit program evolution. These phases are 1) compliance seeking, 2) compliance maintenance, 3) risk managing and continuously improving and 4) achieving delightful results. We will also discuss who will be the auditor of the future, and what skills they will need.

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  • Publish date: 2014-10
  • Keywords:Audit, Kano Model, VOC, Risk Management, Improvement

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