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Lessons Learned from an ISO 9001:2015 Transition

by Tamara Hueston

Session A1 Audit Conference October 12-13,2017 Dallas, TX..

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  • Publish date: 2017-10
  • Keywords:2017 Audit Conference--Dallas, TX

Auditing Excellence: Challenge or Opportunity

Ms. Palmer discussed the differences between new and experienced auditors. What auditors have to face with some many different standards. How to survive in the existing environment...

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  • Publish date: 2005-06
  • Keywords:Auditing

Auditing Software - Overcoming Fear

This paper examines issues related to software such as key definitions,types of software applications that should be considered part of an internal audit program, methods forqualifying software auditors, types of software audits, and techniques for auditi..

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  • Publish date: 2005-01
  • Keywords:Auditing

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