ASQ - Audit Division

26th Audit Conference

October 12-13, 2017
Dallas, TX

A1-Lessons Learned from a ISO 9001 2015 Transition--Tamera Hueston
A2-Supplier Improvement Process--Carl Douglas
A3-Data Integrity and Good Documentation Practices Not just for the Phama..--Kim Strok
A4-Understanding Data--Joel Smith
A5-Reaching Way Across the Table--Monica Peters

B1-From Audit Requirements to Checklists to an Evidence Gathering Plan--Linda Westfall
B2-Maturing Your Audit Program Three Key Activities to Take Your SQM Pr...Tim Parrent
B3-Challenges on the Chosen Path to Registration Upgrade from ISO 9001 20...--Larry Litke
B4-Automotive Security Challenges Standards and Solutions--Alexander Much
B5-Basic Statistics Made Easy--Victor Prybutok

C1-Continuous Improvement of the Audit Program--Karen Rust
C2-Comparing Software Quality Auditing and Software Quality Engineering--Mark Neal
C3-Risk-Based Continuous Systems of Systems Data Integrity Auditing--Byron Mattingly
C4-Audit Validation Programs Like a Champ--Cathelene Compton
C5-STEM Apprenticeship Presentation--Rosemarie Christopher

D1-Practical Audit Tools (Session 1 of 2)--Jim Lamar
D2-Practical Audit Tools (Session 2 of 2)--Jim Lamar
D3-Writing Effective Opportunities for Improvement--Denis Devos
D4-Enhance Audit Program Using Deming 14 Points--Naren Patel
D5-Conducting SCM Audits--Linda Westfall

E1-Using External Requirements in the Development of an Effective Audit...--Elena Mack
E2-Human Performance and Accountability in Auditing Discussion--Grace Duffy
E3-EED Nuclear QA Auditor Training Handbook--Karen Douglas
E4-Auditing 101 Practical Aspects of Auditing--Rick Perlman
E5-Gain a Quick Insight to Audit Reports--Johanna Rusly

F1-Sampling for Software Process Assessments, Evaluations and Appraisals--Mark Paulk
F2-Understanding the Context of Your Organization in Developing of an Effective...--Joe Jaciti
F3-A Checklist to Identify and Foster Alignment of Customer-Focused Priorities--Jeff Israel
F4-Maintaining a Validated Automation System--Richard D Schlabach
F5-Lean Six Sigma for IT--Heather McCain

G1-Assessing Suppliers is an Important Part of any Quality--Stephanie Gaulding
G2-Using Triz for Effective Audit Corrective Action Results--Maria Stoletova
G3-Ben Marguglio (no presentation available)
G4-An Integrated Approach to Auditing Internal Business Services--John Hilbert
G5-A Century of Auditing Quality Assessing Emerging Risks--Richard Gibney

H1-Data Integrity Auditing Checklist
H1-Preparing for Successful Data Integrity Audits--Mary Chris Easterly and Richard D. Schlabach
H2-Preparing for Successful Data Integrity Audits--Mary Chris Easterly and Richard D. Schlabach
H3-Back Room 2.0 Preparation for Unannounced Audits--Karen Jozefiak
H4-84 Ways to Go Beyond ISO 9001--Rick Hill
H5-Internship Opportunities in the Auditing Field--Nitish Subandh


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