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What is an ASQ Division?

Founded in 1946, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) has provided members and their organizations with the responses to achieve performance excellence. Its members have initiated most of the quality methods used throughout the world. The mission of ASQ is to facilitate continuous improvement and increased customer satisfaction by identifying, communicating, and promoting the use of quality principles, concepts, and technologies, and thereby being recognized as a worldwide authority on quality. ASQ divisions are an extension of this quest to be the premier resource for quality.

J.S. McDermond Total Quality Award

Recipient of the 2006-07 J.S. McDermond Total Quality Award.

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Divisions are groups established and run by ASQ members who share a common interest. They provide focused information on quality issues and processes that affect their area of specialty.

What is the Audit Division?

ASQ's Audit Division is a team of professionals interested in learning more about and advancing auditing as a profession. Being a member connect you with a peer network of more than 12,000 individuals from around the world.

The Audit Division provides a venue where you can network with people who do similar work and have a common interest in performance excellence.

Through membership in the Audit Division, you will have the opportunity to share expertise and learn from individuals at leading organizations that are transforming quality auditing.

Primary Objectives of the Audit Division Vision

To be recognized worldwide as the preeminent body of expertise on quality auditing.

Mission Statement

To develop the expectations of the audit profession and auditors. To promote to stakeholders auditing as a management tool to achieve continuous improvement and to increase customer satisfaction.

Vision Statement

To be the pre-eminent body for providing expertise on auditing and defining expectations for the audit profession.

The History of the Audit Division

In a 1975 Quality Progress article, Robert (Bud) Abbott wrote, "there has been a growing need to coordinate the various practices of auditing within the quality function. The early days of aerospace and military requirements for vendor surveillance and control have come full circle with the internal auditing practices emanating from the financial function. In today's corporate structure, quality assurance as defined in ASQC (American Society for Quality Control) standard A3 (American national standard quality systems terminology) now includes all forms of quality auditing—process, product, vendor surveys, and external and internal quality systems reviews."

In that same 1975 article Bud Abbott predicted that the next step in professional development in the Society would be the certification of Quality Auditors. Little did he realize at the time that the march toward CQA (Certified Quality Auditor) would take a long and arduous 12 years.
The History of the Audit Division (full article)

How Will I Benefit From Being An Audit Division Member?

The primary objective of the ASQ's Audit Division is to promote broader application and use of quality auditing principles for effective business management purposes. This objective is advanced through:

  • Active participation in the Division. The Audit Division offers our members both professional growth and personal satisfaction. It is dedicated to advancing the audit profession for all its members and their companies. Division involvement will enable you to join with other audit professionals in the worldwide community.
  • In addition to professional growth and personal satisfaction, Audit Division membership offers the following benefits.
    • Newsletter: Stay up to date on quality auditor activities and upcoming events by electronically receiving the Vista newsletter three times per year.
    • Annual Conference: Attend the annual Audit Division Conference and learn more about auditing and the emerging roles of auditors.
    • Book Discounts: Receive book discounts at the annual conference.
    • Tutorials: Throughout the year, the Audit Division sponsors tutorials on a variety of subjects, including CQA Refresher Courses.
    • Networking: Network with other managers and practitioners at annual business meetings and the annual conference.
    • Presentation Opportunities: Each year, the Audit Division solicits technical papers to be presented at the Annual Audit Division Conference and the Annual Quality Congress.
    • Involvement on a Committee: The Audit Division has several committees that would welcome your participation. You will be able to contribute as well as stay up to date with the latest in quality auditing and related fields.

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Audit Division Membership?

Get involved! There are many opportunities available if you are looking to take a more active role in the Audit Division. When you become involved in a Division, only your interest and involvement determine how far you can go. Audit Division encourages its members to advance their leadership skills and expand their base of knowledge.

How Can I Join?

Call ASQ's Customer Service Center at 800 - 248 - 1946.

If you are already a member of ASQ, simply call ASQ and request to be added to the Audit Division. Or you may indicate your desire to join the Audit Division upon annual membership renewal. Membership dues are $10.00 per year.

If you are not a member of ASQ, contact ASQ and request a membership application form. When completing the application form just check the Audit Division in addition to your local section affiliation.

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