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Auditing Excellence: Challenge or Opportunity

Abstract: Ms. Palmer discussed the differences between new and experienced auditors. What auditors have to face with some many different standards. How to survive in the existing environment.

Keywords: Auditing

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By reading the accompanied notes, I did find this P.P. insightful. 3.5 stars
--David Jacobs, 08-14-2011

This is a very interesting and important topic, but I have to agree with the others who have commented so far that it does not stand alone. Maybe there was a voice-over that was lost in the file transfer?
--Lonnie Mitschelen, 01-19-2011

--caroline , 10-17-2010

Very good PP outline, but not a stand alone discussion. Need more discussion to make the outline work here.
--R Orkin, 04-21-2010

Disappointing. It needs to expand in the issues, not just to show the bullets. I was hoping to really find a useful article.
--Alicia Menendez, 03-18-2010
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