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The Cost of Poor Quality--Revised

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2)The video may be used to promote Quality awareness in organizations and society in general.
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5)Users requiring further information about the video, or its use, or having any comment are welcome to contact the author, Mr Sipho Tjabadi – General Manager: Eskom Quality Management (South Africa).
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Thank you for sharing this Video!

--Abhishek rangdhol, 08-07-2017

This is a very powerful webcast video that should be shared with all organizations to show the importance of quality, and that everyone is responsible. Thank you again for sharing this!
--Lori Gray, 08-03-2017

Great for sharing!
It's an alarm to the ones always "It is OK and so so, not a big issue". No more excuse, nor disaster!
Thank you!
--Xiaoning CHEN, 08-11-2016

Excellent video
--Jani , 08-10-2016

Excellent resource on significance and importance of CUSTOMER FOCUS! Principles never change. Quality message is conveyed succinctly and unbiased.
Thank You.
--George A. Ibave, 08-07-2016

Superb Video! Very compelling and true and a real eye opening experience to "Quality" “Right the first time" No exceptions.
Thank You for sharing.

--Eric Sundburg, 08-05-2016

Thank you for this inspiring video. It is really Good material.

--Aristides Muhate, 08-02-2016

Very powerful message not only about the importance of Quality, but the impacts of Risk we could face if quality is ignored. Thanks for sharing!
--Timothy Large, 07-02-2015

simply Excellent!
--Sanjay Gawade, 10-30-2014

Excellent training tool!
--Linda, 10-27-2014

Totally agree ... Quality is "invisible" and is taken for granted. Everybody wants Quality, but do not know how to articulate Quality. However, everyone will complain / seek Quality when it fails or is lacking. We, the Quality Professionals, tend to work "under the radar" trying to prevent attention; as attention to non-Quality is attention for the wrong reasons.
--Raymond Lee, 10-02-2014

An incredible tool to make understand the cost quality to senior management. I am using in training of senior mgt.

An Excellent Idea by Mr.Sipho.

--Tufail Shaikh, 09-30-2014

This is an excellent video!
--Jamie Welles, 07-23-2014

Excellent video! I will definitely be sharing this with our Quality Department personnel and other company employees. Will incorporate the video as part of new employees training.
Thank you so much
--Tina Arruabarrena, 10-17-2013

Awesome presentation, really missed a followup at the 2013 Joint Audit and Quality Management Conference in Tucson!
--David Fingerle, 10-15-2013

What a great video! Thanks for sharing it...
--Francisco Santos, 06-18-2013

Incredible! Well done Mr. Tjabadi.
--Debra Aglaia, 05-11-2013

It is very impressive. It is great for quality awareness training in our organization
--Jenny Mei, 05-08-2013

Very very good. There should be more videos like this. We make lots of mistakes. How about medical?
--A. Stauder, 12-20-2012

“Hits a Home Run.” It shows the importance of several important topics: Communication, Knowing Requirements, CUSTOMER FOCUS, Team Work and Personal Accountability to do whats right.
--Mark Hamby, 12-19-2012

This video clearly showed how EVERYONE is responsible for Quality. It only takes 1 small item to be catastrophic as shown here. This was an excellent video and should shared with all of society. It touches every facet of our lives we may not even think of from day to day. Thank you.
--Stacey Burnell-Fulbright, 12-19-2012

Great summation of the consequences of not understanding quality basics and applying them. There are no short cuts when it comes to Quality. Every company should make it required viewing. My hats off to the author. Thank you!
--Al Reimann, 12-19-2012

This is a good video that really drives home the point of quality focus; thanks for sharing.
Michael M.
--Michael M., 12-19-2012

Quality video,great presentation, and wonderful content.
--Phil Obi, 12-19-2012

I have shown this video to my students. It is very effective in explaining the repercussions of poor quality.
--Haris Aslam, 12-19-2012

impressive...quality across the world...understand the importance is step one.
--Jason Feng, 12-07-2012

This is a very poignant video that stresses the importance of quality and "doing it right the first time" and "doing it right when no one is looking." Definitely words to live by!
Thank you for sharing this!
--Terry Shum, 12-06-2012

What an excellent video! Thank you so much for allowing us to share this - it not only points out how we are all responsible for quality, but provides the encouragement to do at the same time.
--Lorie Schrameck, 12-03-2012
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