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The primary objective of the Audit Division is to promote broader application and use of quality auditing principles for effective business management purposes.

"24th Annual Audit Conference -AUDITS: Improving Performance, Managing Risk, Driving Customer Satisfaction and Revenue”

THE AUDIT DIVISION IS PRESENTLY SOLICITING PAPERS FOR THE 24TH ANNUAL ASQ AUDIT CONFERENCE CONFERENCE OVERVIEW: To achieve effective results, auditors are expected to influence managerial decision making with their audit findings. This conference focuses on the auditor’s role in identifying quality system issues to improve performance & processes, revenue, and customer satisfaction, including management planning and the decision making process. It is also the objective of this conference to keep auditors exposed to realizing and managing risk specific to quality, changes to standards, innovations in communications, and ever-changing material, approaches and techniques, in the auditing discipline. The four conference tracks will revolve around the areas below: “Revealing the Path to Process Improvement and Performance Excellence” "Influencing the Journey to Improve Revenue and Customer Satisfaction” “Risk Based Thinking from the Quality Perspective – what is it and how do we apply it?” “Design & Construction” The Call-for-Papers in its entirety, including submission information can be found at the conference website Stay tuned for additional conference details as they continue to become available.

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