Assessing Capability Using Minitab Software

Companies need to make products and provide services that meet customer standards, or they’ll soon be out of business. That’s why quality engineers devote a good deal of time to making sure that processes are able to meet those standards.

The goal of capability analysis is to ensure that a process is capable of meeting customer specifications. This short video explains the benefits of capability analysis and demonstrates how to assess process capability using Minitab Statistical Software when your process data fit a normal distribution.

If you still have questions about capability analysis, free information from Minitab can help boost your understanding. For instance, what’s the difference between Cpk and Ppk?

Already got a handle on the basics of capability analysis? Dig deeper! Capability analysis needs to match the distribution of your data, so what do you do if your data aren’t…normal? The Weibull distribution may be your answer!

If you’re looking for a way to clearly explain process capability statistics to your colleagues, here’s an explanation that even Deputy Barney Fife can understand.

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