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E. Jack Lancaster Medalists

2016 Tang Xiaofen
2015 Sunil Thawani
2014 Yuanzhang Liu
2013 Bertrand Jouslin de Noray
2012 Janak Mehta
2010 Charles Aubrey II
2009 Spencer Hutchens Jr.
2008 Alberto Miller
2007 Madhav Sinha
2006 Mohamed Zairi
2005 Manu Vora
2004 Jens Jorn Dahlgaard
2003 Tito A. Conti
2002 Noriaki Kano
2001 Gregory H. Watson
2000 Stanley A. Marash
1999 Enrique Sierra
1998 Dr. Miflora Minoza-Gatchalian
1997 Dr. Yoshio Kondo
1996 Dr. John D. Hromi
1995 Dr. H. James Harrington
1994 Lennart Sandholm
1993 Kenneth S. Stephens
1992 Navin S. Dedhia
1991 Enrique Blanco Loizelier
1990 Alain M. Chauvel
1989 Marcos E.J. Bertin
1987 Valere Cantarelli
1986 Umberto Turello
1985 Richard A. Freund
1984 Walter E. Masing
1983 Walter L. Hurd Jr.
1982 Paul C. Clifford
1981 Armand V. Feigenbaum

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Distinguished Service Medalists
Edwards Medalists
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Freund-Marquardt Medalists
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Gryna Award Winners
Honorary Members
Hutchens Medalists
Ishikawa Medalists
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E. Jack Lancaster Medalists
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Shainin Medalists
Shewhart Medalists

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