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Brumbaugh Award Winners

2016 Necip Doganaksoy
2016 Hans van Meer
2015 Tim Davis
2015 Dennis K. J. Lin
2015 Christopher J. Nachtsheim
2015 Weijie Shen
2014 William Q. Meeker
2014 Georgios Sarakakis
2013 Søren Bisgaard (posthumously)
2012 Bradley Jones
2012 Christopher Nachtsheim
2010 George Box and Surendar Narasimhan
2009 Bradley Jones
2009 Christopher J. Nachtsheim
2008 Soren Bisgaard
2007 George E.P. Box
2007 Carmen Paniagua-Quiñones
2006 William H. Woodall
2005 Albert Trip and Jeroen DeMast
2004 Marion R. Reynolds Jr. and Zachary G. Stoumbos
2003 Benjamin J. Nelson and George C. Runger
2002 Vijayan N. Nair, Winson Taam, and Kenny Q. Ye
2001 Roger W. Hoerl
2000 William H Woodall
1999 Dr. Raymond H. Myers
1998 Mani Janakiram and J. Bert Keats
1997 George E.P. Box and Alberto Luceño
1996 Marion R. Reynolds Jr.
1995 Soren Bisgaard and Howard T. Fuller
1994 John A. Cornell, Gregory F. Piepel, Douglas C. Montgomery, J. Bert Keats, George C. Runger, and William S. Messina
1993 George E.P. Box and R. Daniel Meyer
1992 Michael Hamada and C.F. Jeff Wu
1991 Robert G. Easterling, Mark E. Johnson, Thomas R. Bement, and Christopher J. Nachtsheim
1990 G. Geoffrey Vining and Raymond H. Myers
1989 Peter R. Scholtes and Heero Hacquebord
1988 Charles P. Quesenberry
1987 George E.P. Box and Soren Bisgaard
1985 J. Stuart Hunter
1984 John Mandel
1983 Ronald D. Snee
1982 Gerald J. Hahn
1981 Edward G. Schilling and Dan J. Sommers
1980 Gerald J. Hahn and Joseph Schmee
1979 Edward G. Schilling
1978 Edward G. Schilling and John H. Sheesley
1977 J. Edward Jackson
1976 James M. Lucas
1975 Edward M. Baker
1974 Gerald J. Hahn
1973 Edward G. Schilling
1972 John De S. Coutinho
1971 Ronald D. Snee
1970 Harrison M. Wadsworth
1969 Wayne B. Nelson
1968 Ellis R. Ott
1967 Joseph Mandelson
1966 T.R. Bainbridge
1965 Edwin C. Harrington Jr.
1963 John M. Moyer
1962 Richard A. Freund
1961 E.G.D. Paterson
1960 Richard A. Freund
1959 J. Stuart Hunter
1958 Joseph M. Juran
1957 Charles R. Hicks
1956 B.B. Day, F.R. DelPriore, and Edward P. Sax
1955 Ralph A. Bradley
1954 Daniel B. DeLury
1953 Edwin G. Olds
1952 Albert G. Klock and Charles W. Carter
1951 Dorian Shainin
1950 Irving W. Burr
1949 Leonard A. Seder

The Brumbaugh Award Winners
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Shewhart Medalists

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